Keep Nigerians Safe & Secured
Taking action on this issue
  • Security of life and property is a top priority of my administration. Therefore, I will embark on urgent and immediate steps to ensure adequate security in all aspects of our lives.
  • My administration’s fundamental strategy of ensuring adequate security of life and property is to first pull most Nigerians out of poverty and provide the basic needs for a decent life and social justice for all, irrespective of region, tribe, and religion.
  • My administration will create jobs for millions of young people, will create Local Technical Institutes to train and equip millions of young school leavers and prepare them for absorption into the private sector.
  • I will embark on comprehensive reform, retraining, and retooling of the Federal Police under the new dispensation and introduce modernized equipment, crime-detection and surveillance technology, and personnel training.
  • I will urgently review the management and pay structure of the five security services-federal police, the army, the navy, the air-force, and the intelligence services.

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